Saturday, November 2, 2013

Wanton Noodle at Golden Mile Food Centre

It was just the usual lunch routine when i went checking out for foods at this food centre. This was one of the stalls without a queue. I decided to have the small portion of wanton noodle at $2.50. I requested for mee kia with extra chilli. Though i spotted a SELF-SERVICE sign displayed right there but i was asked to take a seat by the friendly assistant. It was delivered to my table in few minutes.

 A substantial portion of mee kia was given with a handful of sliced char siew and vegetable. I would think the portion is definitely worth the $2.50 paid. It is getting difficult to be able to find a worthy meal at $2.50 these days.  I tossed the mee kia well with the pool of dark sauce underneath. Though extra chilli added but the level of spiciness tasted just right. I took notice of the extreme springiness of the mee kia used and it kinda reminded me of the same type of noodle usually for Kolo Mee.

The mee kia was cooked just right to give it the desired chewiness.  

I was rather amazed to find 4 pieces of rather plump wantons in the soup. The tasty wantons were made up of well-seasoned minced meat nicely wrapped in a thin layer of wanton skin. The soup tasted rather light with a nice peppery taste flavored by the chopped spring onion. The sliced char siew tasted a little dry and not as flavorful.

The younger female assistant chatted with me when i went to take a picture of their stall. She pointed to the elderly lady and said, 'She is my mother. This is her stall.' The elderly lady nodded her head and smiled. The younger lady continued to say, 'This stall has been around for many years'.  

I enjoyed such a simple plate of wanton noodle though this is not the best that i had eaten.  

505 Beach Road
#01-95 Golden Mile Food Centre

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