Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Indonesia Curry Rice

I was totally amazed by the long queue right in front of this stall. This stall has been featured on the TV once and the  long queue might be due to that effect? Or, maybe their foods are really so good to worth the queuing.

And, look at those used plates piled up right at the corner of their stall. Their business must be really good.

I just had lunch so i decided to take away some dishes for dinner later. I joined in the queue and waited about 15 minutes to order.

I was served by a friendly Auntie and a young man. I wanted the Asam Fish, Curry Chicken and Curry Vegetable. I was asked whether i want 1 or 2 pieces for the Assam Fish and Curry Chicken though i have indicated to her that the dishes were meant for 2. I asked for a bigger piece of fish for Assam Fish and 2 pieces of chicken for the Curry Chicken. I paid a total of $9.50.

It was packed nicely in 3 plastic bags for taking away. The taste was still pleasant even after left it for a bit.

Curry Chicken. Two pieces of chicken drumstick were given with a few small pieces of potatoes. The Indonesian style curry tasted quite different from the local one. It did not have much taste of coconut milk. The level of spiciness was pretty mild too. It has quite a few pieces of cloves added in it. When accidentally bite on one of those cloves, the pungent taste can be quite disturbing especially for someone like myself who is not too into such a taste. The chicken drumsticks were well cooked to give the desired tenderness. The overall taste was alright though i could not quite appreciate it much. I would prefer the local style Curry Chicken anytime.

Assam Fish is the most preferred dish amongst all. A big slice of Batang fish was  given with a good amount of sauce. The fish tasted relatively fresh. The distinctive sourness of the sauce is rather appetizing for myself but might be a little overpowering for some. This would be the dish that i would go back for.

Though i am quite a fan for Curry Vegetable but this particular one did not make it to my top list. It tasted a little sweet with not too distinctive curry taste. It was mainly cabbage but cooked well to the desired softness. Again, cloves were added to the dish.

I still could not quite understand the reason behind the long queue. Those foods that i have tasted were not particularly good nor cheap. Perhaps the only possible reason could be i do not know how to appreciate Indonesian style cooking and that is why i do not find it too appealing.

Block 29 Bendemeer Road #01-49 Bendemeer Food Centre SINGAPORE 330029.

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