Thursday, November 28, 2013

Delicious Lor Mee

I used to patronise this stall with my dearest Grandpa quite a while ago. It was good then. Grandpa always ordered their Prawn Noodle and i have always prefer their Lor Mee a little more.

I was there again after this while. The Auntie was smiling at me when she spotted me taking picture of the stall.  I was given the option of $3.00 and $3.50 for both Prawn Noodle and Lor Mee. I decided to go with the $3.50 Lor Mee without much hesitation. I gotten my order almost immediately as i was the only customer there then.

The Auntie was telling me which is the Soya Sauce and which is the Vinegar amongst those condiments for Self-Service when my bowl of Lor Mee was served. 

I added extra chilli with extra minced garlic with just a dash of vinegar and bits of red cut chilli.  A good portion was given with generous amount of ingredients for just $3. 

It was served with 2 big pieces of fried fish fillet, a few slices of braised meat and fishcake as well as half of braised egg.

When mixed it well, a bowl of delicious Lor Mee awaits. After my first mouthful, i concluded that the same standard is still as good.

I particularly enjoyed how the thick groovy sauce nicely coasted every piece of flat yellow noodle and the ingredients in it. The extra amount of chilli and minced garlic enhanced its overall taste to give it the desired flavor.

My favourite has always been that big piece of fried fish fillet. The fresh tasting fish fillet was lightly coated with flour to fry well to give it the slight crispiness and texture. It tasted especially good when coated with the braised sauce.

The flat yellow noodle was cooked well to give it just the right texture.

This is definitely one of the better tasting Lor Mee in Ang Mo Kio.

Block 338 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 CHOICE @ 338 SINGAPORE 560338.

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