Saturday, July 27, 2013

A MUST TRY Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice.

Just had a casual conversation with a friend other day about this particular stall. Friend was saying their Japanese Curry Rice put those Japanese Restaurants to shame. 

Sebastian Ho is the Chef cum Owner of Sebastian Ho graduated from SHATEC and he has worked for hotels like Ritz Carlton and Grand Hyatt for a period. His passion in cooking urged him to start this hawker stall to offer affordable Italian and Japanese cuisine. 

His most proud dish is Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice as mentioned in his recent interview with the media.

His Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice is indeed a good choice. It is unbelievably priced at $6.50. The Japanese Curry Rice is easily at $13 and above in most of the Japanese Restaurants.

I was there on a weekday during lunch. The coffee shop was rather packed at that time till it required a certain effort to locate an empty table for 2.

Chef Sebastian was busy cooking by himself in the kitchen. He has got an elderly Uncle as his assistant. The Uncle was busy delivering the ready foods. I stood in front of the stall and waited for the Uncle to be back. Chef Sebastian spotted me. He asked me for my order while busy cooking. I raised my voice slightly and ordered a portion of his signature Chicken Katsu Cheese Curry Rice and given my table. He told me the waiting time would be around 15 minutes.

Honestly, i did not expect him to remember my order as i was telling my lunch partner. I waited. About 15 minutes or so, i saw the elderly Uncle approached my table with my order. The presentation scored a full mark. The chicken cutlet was served with a good portion of rice on a squarish black plate together with generous serving of Japanese curry sauce.

The chicken is supposed to be marinated for 24 hours to give it the flavor. It was then coated with bread crumbs and fried to perfection to achieve the desired crispiness and texture.

It was served with the Japanese style short grain rice. It was firmly moulded into an oval shape then topped with black sesame seeds. The rice was cooked well to give it the likable softness and slightly sticky in texture.

The tasty chicken katsu has got cheese embedded within. The Japanese curry complemented it rather well. It was served with lettuce and 2 pieces of cucumber, too.

The first mouthful was delightful. I had eaten at a few places that supposedly served the best curry rice when i was in Japan for vacation. Thought not an expert but i felt there was a certain degree of authenticity in it.

Though it might not be as good as those in Japan but i still somewhat enjoyed the comforting homely taste nonetheless. 

There are others like Spicy Salmon Aglio Olio, Spicy Prawn Aglio Olio, Spicy Crab Meat Linguini, Spicy Tom Yam Baked Rice, Beef Strognaff Rice and more. 

Amongst others on the menu board, the Chicken Katsu Chesse Curry Rice is definitely the must try. 

Good food at really good price. So, what are you waiting for? This is a definite must try for Japanese Curry lovers. For less than half of the price charged by those proper Japanese restaurants, you have the equally or better standard Japanese Curry Rice with tasty Chicken Katsu with Cheese. 

Block 7 Everton Park

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