Saturday, July 6, 2013

No service charge equal to no service provided?

I was there this morning. I wanted to take away a portion of $4 dry mee pok with extra chilli and another portion of mee pok soup together with mee tak mak soup. I asked to pack them separately in 2 plastic bags. The auntie was a bit annoyed. 

She said, 'Now, i ask you again! What's your order? what do you mean by packed in 2 bags?' 

I repeated my order. 

She prepared them but packed together in the same plastic bag. She threw the bag and 2 packets of noodle fell out of the bag. I gotta pick them up myself. 

Before i left, i told her, 'Your service standard is bad'. She replied, 'I didn't charge for service charge so what service do you expect?'

That's arrogance. I was amazed.

So, no service charge is equal to no requirement of service to be provided? 

The standard of food served is rather average but service is definitely bad. So, would you endure bad service for good food? The auntie was cooking the noodle, collecting the payment and also packing the food but she has no reason to throw her unhappiness on her customers.

Though there is another noodle stall serving similar noodle but this stall has better soup than the other stall but the noodle is not as good. Both stalls have equally long queue most of the time. 

Block 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22

This stall has better service though. I guess i should just support them for now.  Good service is the key to reckon the return of customers.

Block 226H Ang Mo Kio Street 22
#01-23 Kebun Baru Food Centre


  1. Really hate it when hawkers serving good food has an attitude to match. Classic case of 'Food Nazi', maybe?

  2. Probably so. A pity definitely if i have to ban them for good as i do enjoy their noodle quite a bit.