Tuesday, July 30, 2013


It was by chance when we crossed path with this particular curry puff stall. The banner displayed right outside the coffee shop caught my attention. It said, 'Original AMK Curry Puff'. 

I was greeted by the friendly Auntie. I asked her, 'This stall used to be from Ang Mo Kio?' She nodded her head. I asked further. 'I stay in Ang Mo Kio for decade long but never did come across a stall by the name of AMK Curry Puff.'

Auntie said, 'Yeah. We used to be at Ang Mo Kio.'

I asked again, 'Which part of Ang Mo Kio?'

She said, 'We used to be Tip Top Curry Puff.'

I was so taken aback. 

My immediate reaction was 'OH!'

Auntie said, 'Couldn't you tell the difference when you eat it now? The taste is no longer the same.'

Honestly, i did not quite realise. I have not been patronising as much after they increased their price to $1.30. 

The Uncle said, 'The business was not as good so we decided to sell away the brand name and shop.'

I guess their business is not as good as before. Only a handful of curry puffs were on the display. It tasted quite the same. It is rather moist with an aromatic curry taste and full of ingredients like cubes of potatoes and bits of chicken together with a slice of hard boiled egg.

The crust was rather flaky with a slight buttery taste and fried well to give it the rather crispy texture, not too oily though.

Auntie said, 'Next time, when want to eat Curry Puff, remember to come to this stall!'

It seemed the Auntie and Uncle started this staff from scratch. They do not have any assistant now just both of them. The Auntie was sitting down, hand making the curry puffs one by one and the Uncle was right behind, preparing the filling.

It is still one of the better Curry Puffs that i ever tasted.

Block 184 Toa Payoh Central
#01-372 Super 28 Coffee Shop

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  1. This place cyrry puff is very good imo. oCK, TipT**, A1 are no longer what they used to be. Rolina at Sgoon Gdn and this one are the two I think is still of better grade.