Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Spicy Kway Teow

There was quite a queue right in front of this stall. It just gotten my curiousity at work again. In this instance, i just have to check it out myself to find the reason of such a queue. Though the queue was long but it moved pretty fast. I waited about 15 minutes to order and to collect it. I wanted the Spicy Kway Teow for only $3 as recommended on their menu.

The presentation was pretty neat. A good portion of kway teow served with ingredients like pork liver, minced meat, fishcake, braised mushroom, fishball, meatball and vegetable.

I tossed the kway teow well with the sauce and the ingredients then had my first mouthful. First impression was it did not taste as spicy as it supposed to be. I seriously expected it to be much spicier and i bet it would definitely taste nicer that way. The kway teow was cooked perfectly though as it has got its desirable softness and not overly mushy. The pork liver has got a good thickness and cooked well to give it the right texture. Such effort is commendable.

It was a bowl of pretty decent kway teow but not quite outstanding. It might not quite justify the queuing for it though.

Block 105 Hougang Avenue 1
Hougang 105 Hainanese Village #02-32

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