Saturday, July 20, 2013

Are you a fan of dry Ban Mian too?

I tried the soup version once but no particular impression then. 

I came back this time to have the dry version for lunch. 

There was 2 queues right in front of the stall. The first queue is to order and the second queue is for collection. You might not noticed it if close attention is not paid but the lady behind the cash register kept calling 'ORDER HERE!' so you would not missed out. 

There are a  few different types of ban mian and you mian available for selection. 

I wanted their dry version of Signature Ban Mian with slices of pork belly for $4.50. I was not asked the option of spicy and non-spicy but there are chilli paste and red cut chilli for self-service. 

There was only a person manning 2 induction stoves cooking the orders so the waiting is expected to be longer.

I waited for about 15 minutes to order and to collect it. I spent a bit of time taking pictures of the noodle. When i was done and wanted to toss the noodle then i realised the noodle has clumped together. It required a certain effort to toss it well without breaking the noodle. 

The sauce mix tasted rather average. It definitely not the best that i ever tasted but it was pretty alright. The sliced pork belly tasted surprisingly good. It was thinly sliced with a good ratio of fat and lean meat to give it the desirable tenderness. It tasted a bit like those sliced pork belly for Shabu Shabu but of lower grade.

The soup has a delightful sweetness and there was an egg in it. It was meant to be a poached egg but the soup was not hot enough to cook it so the egg yolk turned out to be rather raw. I guess some might not like it at all.

Though not the best choice but not too bad an option for a light and rather healthy lunch.

Block 722 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6
Ang Mo Kio Central

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