Friday, July 26, 2013

Grin Affair

I love dessert. I love it so much that i will travel to anywhere for it. I have heard and read about this particular place that served cake in the bottle. 

 I was there on a weekday afternoon at about 2 pm. I was at their front door. I simply love the rustic feel.

There are a wide range of selection of different types of bottled cake : Strawberry Cheese, Cookies & Cream, Hazelnut, Matcha Azuki, Honey Lavender, Avocado, Caramel, Kiwi Cheese, Dark Chocolate, Durian, Banoffee, Peanut Fudge, Mango Cheese and Banana Dark Chocolate. Not all flavors are available at all times though as some are seasonal.

The interior is simply decorated. There was only a nice Auntie manning the shop. I decided to have a Hazelnut bottled cake at $5.50 to go. The prices of these chilled cake served in the jars range from $4.80 to $6.50.

I asked her for permission to take some pictures. The Auntie waited for me to done taking pictures then took out a jar from the fridge behind her. She asked whether i need a bag though it stated the minimum purchase has to be 4 jars to get a carrier. She offered a normal plastic bag and a disposable spoon is given too. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this friendly Auntie.

I was given the option of dining in. There are limited seating capacity in this humble looking shop.

I was the only customer there at that time.

To enter from the front door, please lift the door up slightly while pushing it.

The bottled cake is nicely presented. The jar is covered by a paper cap with string tied to it. You might be wondering what is the purpose of the string. The string is served as handle to carry the jar.

I could taste the distinctive hazelnut taste in the mousse served with crunchy nut praline. It has got bits of freshly grated hazelnuts in it. The hazelnut mousse nicely rested on moist Coffee and Chocolate sponge cake to give it the layer effect with well-balanced sweetness.

 It is quite a small jar to be priced at $5.50. .

It is a delightful choice for dessert though.

Once you start, you cannot stop. And, 1 of such bottle is never enough.

When you started to enjoy it then you realised you left the last mouthful to go and leaving you craving for more.

The bottle can be returned for a ticket. The collected tickets can be used to exchange for Apple Brew (10 tickets), Jar of Dried Fruit (12 tickets) and Jar of Cake (20 tickets).

3 Everton Park

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