Sunday, July 7, 2013

What's so wonder about this bun?

I walked past this bakery a countless times and each time i could not help but think what could be so wonder about their buns? finally, i decided to give in to my curiousity and got one to try. I went with the Chocolate Almond Bun for $1.50. While i was paying, i overheard the remark made by the passers-by. They said, 'WOW, their buns are so expensive!'

I could not help but agree. I still reserved my doubts then as i have yet to taste it. 

I brought it home to have it with coffee. First bite. The bun has got a slight cinnamon taste. It was soft and fluffy in texture. The chocolate coating was a tad sweet but the crispiness of the almond flakes somewhat made up for it. 

I could not taste any wonder outta the bun. The mediocre taste could not quite justify the charge of $1.50 for such a small piece of bun. It is indeed expensive as indicated by the passers-by.

I am rather certain i would not be back for another piece of this.

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
#01-36 AMK Hub

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