Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Curry Chicken Noodle

I was there on a Monday morning. About half of the stalls in the food centre were closed on that day. I left with limited choices to choose for lunch. 

My attention was apparently caught by this stall right at the corner. I approached the Auntie that seen taking the order. She said, the expected waiting time would be around 20 to 25 minutes. She said, if i sit around the stall then she will serve it when ready or else it would have to be self-service. I ordered the smaller serving of Curry Chicken Noodle for $2.50. There is the selection of larger portion at $3. I pointed at a table nearby to indicate where i would be sitting and offered to pay first but she asked me to pay when it is served. 

I waited for about 25 minutes before it was served to my table.

I was amazed that for $2.50, i got a chicken drumstick, a chicken mid-wing and 2 big pieces of potatoes. The taste of coconut milk infused curry was rather aromatic. It was rather creamy with a minimum level of spiciness. The texture of the chicken drumstick and mid-week was tender with a desirable softness.

The noodle was cooked nicely to achieve a noticeable springiness. It tasted good when evenly coated with the curry sauce.

I enjoyed it. I will likely come back to have the Curry Chicken Noodle at $3 and to try their Wanton Noodle too.

Block 105 Hougang Avenue 1
#02-41 Hougang 105 Hainanese Village

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